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What is a Private Blog Network?

Private Blog Network refers to a group of domain names that people own. More so, it is possible to make a PBN that is composed of free blogs. Ordinarily, the free blog websites do not have the same amount of effectiveness as sites that are individually owned. In most cases, a private blog network is made up of expired domains. Expired domains refer to domains that were owned at one time and had content, but the webmaster decided to disown the domain and allowed the domain to expire. When a domain is not registered to an individual, it is available for purchase and anyone can acquire it for the normal registration fee of about $10-15.

  • Find & Register the Aged Domain


    Buying Domain Names:

    This is the most important step to building your private network. We will find the high authority aged domains and give you the list. You want domain names that have an existing link profile, with age and a good Google history too. That means no spammy links, nothing from questionable foreign sites, no adult or gambling sites either. We will use backlink tool to check website backlinks.

  • Website Setup


    Install Wordpress & necessary Plugins

    We will install the wordpress theme in your website and we will set up the free theme. After that we will add some relevant necessary plugins.

    Change the Default Widgets Etc.

    We will remove the default widgets and add some attractive useful widgets to show site as better.

  • Content Writing and Posting


    Content Writing and Posting

    We will write content 300 – 500 words depend upon the pages. We will write unique quality content related to your website keywords and post them in your website. Posts should be upto 5 pages.

    Add some necessary pages

    Add some more content additional pages that are needed for website like about, disclaimer, contact us.

  • Images and Videos


    Images and Videos

    We will add quality images and videos for the website to show real look. Images are the important part of the posts.

    Logo and Sidebar

    We will create Basic logo for this website that related to the website name. We will setup the sidebar for all the pages to see the necessary pages.

  • Backlinks



    We will build some quality backlinks for the website. No Spammy links.

    Linking to money site.

    Wait for 2-3 weeks before linking to money site.

Why use a PBN?

Big corporations like Google use these networks to rank all their related properties all the time. The websites help boost their Google’s ranking. A private blog network also provides security which minimizes the chances of privacy spoofing, identity or information theft, and other vulnerabilities. The use of a private blog network also allows small business to protect sensitive information.

Domain Control

Private Blog Network is powerful because one controls the content and the links within the domain. This gives the host the freedom to create or alter the content so that it is in line with his or her niche. More so, one can alter the anchor text that links the website. Expired domains have more authority because Google places some value on the age of the domain than newly created domains. Old domains are more authoritative and pass more link juice that newer domains. The second reason why the expired domain is more advantageous is that of the backlink profile which provides more authority on Google.

Role of Private Blog Network

A private blog network is a black hat Search engine optimization technique that is used to trick the search engines. With this network, a single individual owns and operates several abundances with only a few of them as their target moneymakers. The other websites are used to send inbound links to the main website. These sites that drive traffic to the main website lack any content and therefore they are employed to send links to the moneymakers to increase their authority in the eyes of Google.

Risks associated with Private Blog Networks

When Google sense that a website is a part of a private blog network, Google sends the webmaster a notice of penalty for thin content informing them that their website provides no value to the searcher. The websiteis tagged as spam. Furthermore, they de-index the website. When a websiteis de-indexed, it will not show up in Google. The penalty impacts negatively on the blog network owners as they experience a significant decrease.

Advantages of Private Blog Networks

A Private Blog Network is secure because it is not connected to external networks or the Internet at large. A private network is not exposed to threats. This makes advantageous for a small business dealing with sensitive condoms. The other advantage of a PBN is self-containment; by not being linked to external networks, a private blog network is also not vulnerable to technical difficulties outside the network. Problems such as internet connectivity or external server outages do not affect the performance of a private network.

What makes a Good Domain?

Domain Name
Top Level Domain (TLD)

Authority and relevance is an important aspect in a domain. A link from an authority domain that is relevant to your niche is paramount for your search engine ranking. Backlinks are also vital in making a good domain.

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