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Subashtechnosis is a global offshore BPO outsourcing provider serving clients based in different countries around the globe. Our services are available to B2B and B2C business in various industries. As you may have known at the moment, the concept of business outsourcing is essentially put in place to enable businesses to achieve more within a short period of time without stretching thin their resources. This is exactly what we also aim to help you achieve when you outsource some of your services to us. We have been in the industry for long enough to know what is required to offer the best outsource services. Try us today and note the great difference you will have as far as BPO services are concerned.

Why outsource to us

Despite the fact that there are already a number of BPO service providers around, none of them will be able to offer you with kind of quality services you will be getting from us. Just in brief, the following are some of the unique benefits and advantages you get when you make us your preferred BPO service provider-:

  • Have access to a wide array of technology driven services.

  • Immense in your operating cost as a business

  • Great increase in revenue and productivity for your business

  • Increase satisfaction to your customers as services are delivered in a timely manner and in good quality

  • Customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business

  • Excellence in service delivery as supported with ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate

  • We serve global clients on a 24x7x365 basis.

Services offered

We offer a number of BPO services cutting across different niches and businesses. For instance, we have banking BPO services, recruitment process outsourcing, software testing outsourcing, offshoring research network, customer care outsourcing amongst others. Get in touch with for more information about our the various BPO services we have and how you can use them to increase productivity in your business while lowering the costs at the same time.

Our Happy Clients

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BPO Services

Subashtechnosis is a global offshore BPO outsourcing provider serving clients based in different countries around the globe.

Consulting and Professional Services

Doing business such as consulting or offering various professional services in the United States and Europe is increasingly becoming difficult with the huge fees that accompany such services. But if you are enlightened enough, you ought to know that you can such quality of services from other places like India at much lower costs. This is why Subashtechnosis is brining to you quality and dependable consulting and professional services outsourcing. We have competent personnel in almost every field who are willing to offer you with quality services at very affordable rates. Kindly contact us if you need more information about the various consulting and professionals services we have for you.

Banking BPO Services

The prolonged financial crisis has made it difficult for most banks and financial organization to remain competitive in the present times. While this is happening, they are also faced with immense pressure from their customers who demand nothing but efficient and timely delivery of services. In this regard therefore, many banks have resorted to outsourcing some of their services so that they can achieve higher efficiency while at the same time reducing the costs of getting the services done.

At Subashtechnosis, we offer a wide variety of banking BPO services including customer care services, application processing and loan origination. Contact us today to learn more about our banking BPO services and how they can be of immense value to your banking business.

Customer Care Outsourcing

Customers are without a doubt the most important component of your whole business and as such, it is imperative that you take good care of them at all times and at all costs. This is because when you let them go, you will lose a lot and might even end up shutting down your business. This is why at Subashtechnosis, we understand the importance of you getting more customers and retaining as many as possible. With the customer care outsourcing services you get from us, no need of your customers will be left unattended to. Whether it is an email reply or a phone call, we will employ our professionalism and years of experience in this field to ensure that you customers get the best care and are always happy about your products and services.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Managing human resource isn’t that easy as most business owners tend to perceive it to be. It’s complex and requires a lot of costing without forgetting the fact that it’s usually evolving. But as a company or a business owner, you don’t have to worry about this when you can take advantage of our human resource outsourcing to take care of all your needs. With our services, you business will lower expenses for the staff, technology and infrastructure. In addition to this, your human resource team will also have more time to concentrate on strategic tasks that are geared towards increasing and developing the business.


It is a fact that the current customer volatility, aging IT systems, the rising costs and well as the shrinking markets have pushed insurance firms and companies to seek for alternative solutions for reducing the costs of insurance. We offer quality and reliable insurance outsourcing services which many firms and companies have taken advantage of to increase sales and reduce administrative costs by up to 50%. Other than the cost reduction, our insurance outsourcing services will see to it that there is increased cost transparency, enhanced cash flow, improved processing speeds as well as improve service delivery to your clients and intermediaries. Call us now for more information.

Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries have had a relatively calm business environment but just like other ventures, there is always need to cut on costs and maximize on the revenues hence media and entertainment outsourcing becomes very relevant. With the constant changes in the media fraternity, it can be a little bit costly and time consuming for the various media houses to make all the adjustments and still retain their customers and remain in the competition. For this reason, Subashtechnosis is offering you with quality and affordable media and entertainment outsourcing services so that you can focus on your growth in the media industry while tremendously reducing your costs. Contact us for more information.


Outsourcing and offshoring are to terms that are often confused by the majority of the people. The difference is that when a company offshores, they shift the location of the provision of a service or production of a product from one country to the other. Once this is done, the company may decide to outsource the service or the manufacture of those particular parts or it can decide to use their own resources to meet their needs.

Whichever the situation is, Subashtechnosis is able to provide you with both outsourcing and offshoring options that will enable you to greatly cut cost while at the same time increasing revenue. Contact us today if you need additional information about our offshoring and outsourcing services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Getting the right employees or recruits who will possess the right skill set you are after can be an expensive and a time consuming affair. It will imply that you have to dedicate valuable company time in making announcements, welcoming applications and arranging for interviews for the various applicants.

We can save you from these troubles with our recruitment process outsourcing. Our professional recruitment team will ensure that you get the right candidates for the job by inviting application and conducting interviews for the prospective staff. With our assistance, you will end up with the very best talents in the market who will help to drive the agenda of your business to greater heights. Contact us for more information about the recruitment process outsourcing offered by us.

Retail and Consumer Products

The retail and consumer industry has seen tremendous growth over the years with the increased purchasing power of the middle class income earners. Whereas this is a good thing for the consumers since they can have access to quality and affordable products, it has created a lot of pressure on the retailers to meet all the demands of the consumers. With this comes an increase in the cost of production as well as the provision of other related services.

But wise business can keep such costs at bay by outsourcing the non core activities such as packaging and delivering the goods to the consumers. We offer a such as well as other retail and consumer product outsourcing services that any company can take advantage of to lower their costs while maximizing on the profits at the same time. Get in touch with us for more information if you are interested in our retail and consumer products outsourcing services.

Software Testing Outsourcing

Most companies who look forward to saving time and money in their software development cycles will prefer to outsource this part of software development. Since it is not the core activity for most of the companies, you will have the pleasure of concentrating on the major activities rather than worry about the operations and functionalities of the software.

With the software testing outsourcing you get from Subashtechnosis, you will have an independent assessment which will in turn lead to enhanced delivery confidence, reduce the time needed to market the software, lower your investment in the infrastructure as well as predict the quality of your software. Contact us today if for quality and reliable independent software testing outsourcing services.

Travel and Leisure

Travel and leisure is usually a very exciting phenomenon to the travelers or the thrill seekers but the case is not always the same for the service providers in the industry. This is due to the fact that they have to meet the ever increasing demands of the clients, provide affordable services and make everything smooth for their travelers. With these come very exorbitant costs that might render the whole industry less lucrative. The only way therefore to reduce costs and while still remaining to be competitive is to outsource some of the travel and leisure services so that you can remain with the core services for increased productivity.

Virtual Assistance

In the present business landscapes, it is very possible to spend a lot of your valuable time responding to emails, phone calls, arranging for meetings and schedules etc. As the business owner or the entrepreneur of your business, you need to free you time so that you concentrate on the core activities that will lead to more growth in your business.

This is why we offer you with dependable and affordable virtual assistance services. With such services, all your mails will be replied at the correct time, phone calls will be answered without delays as well as other routine things that normally take up your time at your place of work. Get in touch with us to learn about the various services we can offer you as a virtual assistant.

Finance and Accounting

There is always constant pressure by businesses to optimize their performance and this has made the finance and accounting executives to seek for new approaches of getting things done and one of such approaches is finance and accounting outsourcing. Subashtechnosis is a well placed company to help you streamline all matters finance and accounting in your business at very low rates. With our services, your business will be transformed to a high performance organization you will also maintain compliance and reduce costs thus allowing you ample time to focus on the core strengths that will push your business forward. Contact us now for more details about our finance and accounting outsource services.

BPO Security

As a BPO Services provider, we have taken all the reasonable measures to ensure that every data from our clients are adequately protected against persons who might have malicious motives should they get that data. We are aware that most businesses seeking to outsource their services are afraid to do so due to the security concerns but we are here to assure you that none of that will happen when you deal with us.

We have taken countermeasures to keep hackers from gaining access to the information stored in our facilities, prevent our own agents from illegally misusing the data and information they have access to and we also have measures to ensure that back door entries by third party or fourth party software are prevented. You can thus deal with us with the full confidence that we are secure and you will never experience any security breach from our end.

Health Care

Health Care is always a matter of great concern and with the constant increase in the cost of getting as well as providing health care service, it becomes imperative for the various industry players to seek alternative solutions without necessarily compromising on the value of the services rendered. This is why we are here to offer health care outsourcing services thereby providing you with an opportunity to get effective, efficient and low cost health care services. Our outsourced health care solutions cover a wide variety of services ranging from the doctor’s office to the back office. For more information about our health care outsourcing services, kindly feel free to contact us via the contact details given in the contact us page.

Outsourced Document Processing

Documents are at the core of each and every business and it is imperative that all organizations maintain and keep good records for every piece of document they have. At Subashtechnosis, we offer a variety of quality document processing services.

We not only have the skills and the expertise to ensure that this is done in a professional manner but we also have the machinery to make the work efficient and achievable in the shortest period of time. Whether you need high resolution scanning services, indexing and linking or data capture services, you can rely on us to get it done professionally and in the shortest period of time.

Legal Outsourcing

The Legal Process Outsourcing is a relatively new concept but one which has been growing at tremendous speeds. If you are in the Europe or the United States and you deal with legal processes, we are providing for you an avenue to get high quality legal services at reduced costs. This will not only save you time but also increase tremendously on the revenues you make.

We have the professionals who are well acquainted with the requirements of the legal fraternity and they will be able to provide you with the best legal outsourcing services. As a matter of fact, you can outsource to us all your legal services except those that will require physical present or the signing of contracts. Contact for more details about our legal outsourcing services.


The concept of manufacturing outsourcing seems to be engraved in the manufacturing industry. This is very rampant with manufacturing in Europe and the west who find it cheaper to produce their various components in India and other countries in the East. This is why we have set up manufacturing outsourcing services where we will help you with all your manufacturing needs are very affordable rates.

The benefits of outsourcing to us will not just be about a decrease in the labor cost but also a significant reduction in the overheads. This is not to mention the amount of time you will now have at your disposal to concentration on other core strategic activities. Get all these benefits in your manufacturing endeavors by letting us be your preferred manufacturing outsource service provider.


Outsourcing simply means buying from a third party a part of service in a given project. Outsourcing seems to be gaining more tractions especially in B2B set up as it give the companies the ability to increase their productivity and develop the capacity to serve more customers within a short period of time. This is without forgetting the fact that when you outsource, you are likely the service at cheaper prices hence increasing your margins.

At Subashtechnosis, we have affordable and extremely reliable outsourcing services that you can take advantage of at any time to increase your productivity and lower your costs. For whatever service you are looking for, we have the capacity and the competency to provide it to you. Kindly get in touch with us if you need more information about our outsourcing services.

Research and Analytics

For very many years, many businesses neglected the need of data and it was never considered as a real asset to the business. But this has since changed with many businesses collecting almost all kinds of data and using them in the day to day operations of the companies.

We are privileged to offer you with research and analytics outsourcing where we will look into every aspect of your business data with the aim of deducing interdependences as well as correlations that might prove useful by offering actionable business insights. We provide data analytics, market research as well as investment research with the data you provide us with so that you can understand your business properly and be able to make sound decisions.

Shipping and Logistics

If you are a business supplying goods and services and you have a desire to expand and explore other markets while at the same time ensuring that your costs are maintained at a manageable level, then you have every reason to consider shipping and logistics outsourcing. For the last seven years, we have been offering transparent, efficient and cost effective shipping and logistic services to several businesses both locally and internationally. With our services, such business have managed to avoid a lot of hassles that comes with international shipping, have access to far markets and new customers as well as reduce costs by not storing their inventories in one place. Let us discuss today about the benefits you can get from our shipping and logistics outsourcing services.


The possibilities of telecommunications outsourcing services such as those provided by Subashtechnosis have made it possible for companies to manage costs, have access to superior and specialized services that would be expensive should they decide not to outsource, conduct optimization of the existing resources as well as develop flexible strategies that are needed for getting and retaining customers.

With the changes in the current telecoms industry therefore, every company who desires to stay afloat must embrace the concept of outsourcing some of their products and services to experienced and affordable companies. We are here to offer you with exemplary telecommunications outsourcing services to help you grow your business and reduce your costs. Call us for more details.

Utilities and Energy

The current world have literally become and evolving sphere with the coming of a plethora of technology entrants, tightening of various governing rules and regulations as well as an increased focus on the issues to do with sustainability. It therefore goes without saying that all the associated costs , operations efficiency as well as the need to offer effective customer care services is likely to be compromised. This is why smart companies are aligning themselves to utilities and energy outsourcing services providers like Subashtechnosis to lower their costs while at the same time enhancing their productivity and customer care services. Get in touch with us for more information about our utilities and energy outsourcing services and how they can be of great help to you.

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